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Simon Woodroffe, founder of YO! Home, designed a technology driven house that transforms from small apartment into a spacious living space at a touch of a button.

One of his models is this 262 square feet home with 2 bedrooms, sunken sitting room, dining room, kitchen, breakfast nook, bathroom with spa, a cinema, party room, wine cellar and a storage.

InnovativeHomeTransformsSmallHomesIntoSpaciousLivingSpaces1 1st and 2nd photo: The bedroom can be lowered and elevated above the sunken living room.

InnovativeHomeTransformsSmallHomesIntoSpaciousLivingSpaces2 InnovativeHomeTransformsSmallHomesIntoSpaciousLivingSpaces3 Above: Lowered bed with the home cinema.

InnovativeHomeTransformsSmallHomesIntoSpaciousLivingSpaces4 Above: The sunken living room showing the home cinema.

InnovativeHomeTransformsSmallHomesIntoSpaciousLivingSpaces5 InnovativeHomeTransformsSmallHomesIntoSpaciousLivingSpaces6 Above: Storage space hidden beside the sunken living space.

InnovativeHomeTransformsSmallHomesIntoSpaciousLivingSpaces7 Above: Pop-up dining area.

InnovativeHomeTransformsSmallHomesIntoSpaciousLivingSpaces8 Above: Sunken living room and kitchen area.

InnovativeHomeTransformsSmallHomesIntoSpaciousLivingSpaces9 InnovativeHomeTransformsSmallHomesIntoSpaciousLivingSpaces10 Above: Office desk space that transforms into a sleeping area.

InnovativeHomeTransformsSmallHomesIntoSpaciousLivingSpaces11 Above: Storage space.

InnovativeHomeTransformsSmallHomesIntoSpaciousLivingSpaces12 InnovativeHomeTransformsSmallHomesIntoSpaciousLivingSpaces13

Above: Bathroom with shower, a sliding door reveals a sunken bathtub.

Photos by YO! Home


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