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“This one’s pretty cool,” I said to myself when I found this probably a month ago.

These pendants differ from what I always see that couples wear. I am very sure that you have seen two broken hearts, that become one when put together. Two broken hearts that become one are so thousand years ago.

This one’s pretty unique and somewhat “literal” if you try to consider it closely, but still, I like it… or rather, I love it…



Would you want to have a wedding ring like this one?

If you would want to put an indelible mark on your relationship, I bet this ring will be the best pick for you.
Who would ever think of putting your own fingerprint on your wedding ring?  Those who are “madly in love”? or just plain “in love”?


This was the first time that I ever saw a statue of a couple.

The artist behind this artwork is really commendable. Why?
It’s because, he/she was able to convey the warmth of love. See how the woman cuddled in her man? Can you feel the warmth that I am saying? See how the man secures his lady?
I’m just really curious where I could find this particular place.


Do you remember my previous post about the Intensity of Red?

Like a beautiful love song, these red petals put the romantic melody and passion to the simple yet deep message of the sometimes overused phrase “I Love You.
And do you agree with that short line saying: “Love is to think about someone else more times in a day than you think about yourself?”


Don’t you just love LOVE even if it’s not Valentine’s Day?


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