wall music

A fun piece of artisty is hidden somewhere in Dresden, Germany. In a place called Kunsthof-Passage, there are different art installations in a series of buildings and courtyards. There are farm animal shapes carved on sandstone, a court of light (where sunlight bounces off an interior mirror), a court of metamorphoses and of mythical creature and most interesting of all, a court of water.

The courtyard of water is the creative work of three artists, Annette Paul, Christopher and André Roßner, inspired by the bizarre architecture of the downspouts in St. Petersburg. The courtyard dedicated to the elements of the water playing a central role. Trumpet-like funnel meander through the house wall. In each half hour, water pours through the funnel and collection container, then ripples in fine jets into the year, and then you will hear a “Water Music”. How cool is it to hear water music when it rains?


funnelwall2 funnelwall3

[via boredpanda and ingeniumetars]


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