Grzegorz Wróbel‘s interest in drawing and painting from the early years of childhood but he found fascination in the watercolor technique only in 2002. You’ll find that his paintings mostly features buildings and the urban landscape, that’s because he works in architecture and everything that is connected with it.

The artist says,

My watercolors are created from a passion to observe the world around us. Each watercolor is just my personal version of reality. I just add the number of pigment at the right time, and the water and gravity do the rest.

watercolor painting  SplendidWatercolorPaintingsbyGrzegorzWrobel6 SplendidWatercolorPaintingsbyGrzegorzWrobel10 SplendidWatercolorPaintingsbyGrzegorzWrobel11 SplendidWatercolorPaintingsbyGrzegorzWrobel12 SplendidWatercolorPaintingsbyGrzegorzWrobel13 SplendidWatercolorPaintingsbyGrzegorzWrobel14 SplendidWatercolorPaintingsbyGrzegorzWrobel15 SplendidWatercolorPaintingsbyGrzegorzWrobel16 SplendidWatercolorPaintingsbyGrzegorzWrobel17 SplendidWatercolorPaintingsbyGrzegorzWrobel19

[via livingdesign]


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