Colors do attract clients and this has been proven a thousand times in the advertising industry. Reynolds and Reyner highly valued this concept when they came up with a great idea of making the brand of Waldo Trommler Paints (WTP) stand out while it was planning to enter the U.S. market. WTP, a small Finnish company, needed a new visual entity and with the help of Reynolds and Reyner they achieved an apt design solution that exhibits the company’s friendliness, quality and innovation.

WaldoTrommlerPaintsBrandingStandsOut2 WaldoTrommlerPaintsBrandingStandsOut3 WaldoTrommlerPaintsBrandingStandsOut4 WaldoTrommlerPaintsBrandingStandsOut5 WaldoTrommlerPaintsBrandingStandsOut6 WaldoTrommlerPaintsBrandingStandsOut7 WaldoTrommlerPaintsBrandingStandsOut8 WaldoTrommlerPaintsBrandingStandsOut9 WaldoTrommlerPaintsBrandingStandsOut10 WaldoTrommlerPaintsBrandingStandsOut11 WaldoTrommlerPaintsBrandingStandsOut12 WaldoTrommlerPaintsBrandingStandsOut13 WaldoTrommlerPaintsBrandingStandsOut14


[via reynoldsandreyner]


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