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Aside from the use of vivid colors for the trees, I happen to love the intense brushstrokes that artist Phan Thu Trang uses in her paintings. It depicts movement and lushness and gives her pieces its unique character.

Trang’s naive, decorative works are characteristically Vietnamese. Making the genre of landscape her own, Trang simplifies individual elements to their bare essentials. With a limited palette, the artist employs texture to define her subjects. Smooth areas of bright monotone contrast with the lush, painterly impasto used to define tree leaves. A vibrant vaulted canopy of trees dominates spindly trucks.

Her works establish a form of narrative with a solo female cyclist eternally pedaling. The viewer knows neither from whence she came, nor her destination. With conical hat and downcast face she seems focuses and determined; struggling and cycling against the odds. As if caught up in an internal race against time, the cyclist ventures on through works representing various daylight hours. Works in green and white are akin to mid morning light, while works in shades of yellow,oranges and red exude the searing heat of the mid-afternoon sun in Vietnam.

Born in Hanoi, like many other artists, Trang’s mind has been engraved with images of the city and the Northern villages. She brings these vivid memories of the villagers and their life to her paintings.

Phan_Thu_Trang_paintings_1 Phan_Thu_Trang_paintings_2 Phan_Thu_Trang_paintings_3 Phan_Thu_Trang_paintings_4 Phan_Thu_Trang_paintings_5 Phan_Thu_Trang_paintings_6 Phan_Thu_Trang_paintings_8 Phan_Thu_Trang_paintings_9 Phan_Thu_Trang_paintings_10

View more of her work here.


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