3d installation

Artist Megan Ceckler‘s colorful installations using flagging tape seem digital at first glance. A flagging tape is a mass-produced colorful plastic ribbon utilized on construction sites.

Each installation takes days or weeks of exhaustive site visits and endless measurements.

The resulting artwork is a space is transformed into an immersive environment in which the viewer is given multiple pathways to experience the installation on their own terms.

Her recent work, Rewritten by machine on new technology is currently displayed in Lancaster Museum of Art and History (MOAH) in California until March 2013.

Vivid3dimensionalInstallationsonExistingArchitecture2 Vivid3dimensionalInstallationsonExistingArchitecture4 Vivid3dimensionalInstallationsonExistingArchitecture5 Vivid3dimensionalInstallationsonExistingArchitecture6

More on Megan Ceckler’s website.

[via wall to watch]


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