contemporary villa

Architect Frank Alfred Hamilton in collaboration with interior design studio, Cecconi Simone Inc. designed the Villa Kishti.

Completed in 2011, this beautiful private retreat located in Anguilla, British West Indies.

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Villa Kishti by  Cecconi Simone Inc.

Villa Kishti is a meditative, Balinese-inspired retreat for a sophisticated, design-conscious couple and their three adult sons. The family residence challenges traditional notions of shelter and nature as separate domains, with interior and exterior blurring in an inventive and seamless interplay of interior design, architecture and landscape design.

Villa Kishti engages its unique setting in endless dialogue, drawing attention to key vistas at every turn. Spaces flow into each other – indoors to outdoors and back again – in a unified palette of natural materials, forms, textures and tones.

Villa Kishti is the result of a remarkable collaboration between designer and client. This singular partnership allowed for an expansion of the original client brief, whereby the interior designers were charged with fully realizing the architect’s vision for the residence in built form. This would come to involve all aspects of interior, architectural and landscape-design management. The client’s exceptional contributions to design development, product sourcing and logistical support were invaluable in reducing costs and shortening timelines.


Photography by Joy von Tiedemann


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