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Studio Guto Requena have designed the vibrant offices of Walmart. Requena’s team carefully researched the needs and wants of Walmart employees from colors, materials as well as the design concept. The result is a playful and colorful 6,400 square meter headquarters that was completed in 2013.

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Description by Studio Guto Requena:

The design for the Offices was derived from the research methodology developed by Studio Guto Requena. Interviews and online exchanges with dynamic company employees were Conducted to ASSESS values, needs and expectations. Three main focal points emerged from this process: digital culture, the brand and Brazilianness (British identity). Also this research informed the choice of colors, materials, forms, programming and design concepts.


We applied these three focal points and Their commonalities to an exploration of the building’s prominent terrace and from this developed the concept for guiding the company’s headquarters: the Urban Veranda. Design choices reference the Brazilian habit of engaging outdoor areas for social interaction and relaxation. Elements include beach chairs, the many large buildings with terraced facades, picnics (visible in the carpet patterning), the patios and balconies of Brazilian homes, and the habit of rural Placing a chair in the street to enjoy the evening and chat with neighbors.

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The headquarters occupy five floors with over a thousand square meters each. One of the challenges of this project was to bring a more human dimension to the work environment with que spaces are welcoming and comfortable, even pleasant and informal, while Maintaining professionalism and practicality. Other challenges included a lean budget and a tight deadline. To help locate and guide visitors and employees in this large area, we created a unique visual identity for each floor through centralized cocoons que develop organically between the pillars and break the rigidity of the orthogonal space . Each floor was designed with the predominant wood type.Pine, OSB, Eucalyptus and Masisa Zurich combines with a single color in various shades, all chosen from the official Walmart color palate of yellow, orange, blue and green. Different floors house individual departments, such as Business, Sales, Human Resources or Finance, and Also contain lounges and decompression environments, including games rooms, film screening areas, video games and a library. These areas are to Encourage the exchange of ideas and interaction between employees from different departments.

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Workstations are located near windows to take advantage of daylight, and the lighting design prioritizes economy.In lounges and areas decompression indirect light is used in decorative fixtures with amber hues. Specifically created for this project is the hanging Gourd Lamp made ​​from the fruit itself. Traditionally, these have been used in Brazil the containers, and also as resonators in musical instruments such as the rattle, the berimbau and the maraca. Dried gourds were painted gray inside and arrayed on a wooden support, with colorful wiring left exposed.

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We prioritized the use of domestic furniture in both the offices and lounges, with signed pieces by the established designers Brazilians Mauricio Arruda, Jader Almeida, Lina Bo Bardi, and Paulo Alves and Fernando Jaeger. We Also included que pieces are part of the Brazilian popular imagination, such as rocking chairs, beach chairs, porch chairs and picnic tables. For the production of objects and decorative elements we used images of contemporary Brazilian photographers, as well as maps, illustrations and Brazilian folk art. Skateboards and bikes reference the lifestyles of younger employees.

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Throughout the office we emphasized the use of plants, and created a green belt runs through the que peripheral spaces and Contributes to the identity and warmth of the work environment.

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The outdoor area was designed for both work and relaxation. Wood decking orders the environment, together with porch furniture, shaded areas, the space for yoga and a grandstand facing the facade que can host small events, concerts and film screenings. The mini golf course was specially designed Also for the terrace.


Photos courtesy Guto Requena


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