As part of an ad campaign for Jim Rickey, Swedish photographer Christian Åslund produced a nostalgic series of photos that turned the streets of Hong Kong into a 2d video game. The shots were taken from a skyscraper using a telephoto lens to achieve this unique angle. Amazing.

creative photography UniquePhotographyMakestheStreetsofHongKongLookLikea2DVideoGame1 UniquePhotographyMakestheStreetsofHongKongLookLikea2DVideoGame2 UniquePhotographyMakestheStreetsofHongKongLookLikea2DVideoGame3 UniquePhotographyMakestheStreetsofHongKongLookLikea2DVideoGame4  Campaign for the shoe brand Jim Rickey Campaign for the shoe brand Jim Rickey

Check out more photos from thos project here.

[via honestlywtf]


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