I found this very cool website that lives by its name, holycool.net, with its tagline, “all things cool.” Now that’s very cool for the fourth time I’ve said it.

That clock up there is the coolest that I have seen. It is called QLOCKTWO and it tells you time in words. It features a matrix of letters, where the letters that spell the current time illuminate. A brightness sensor adjusts the illumination automatically whenever needed. Available in 10 languages and many colors.


This is a very elegantly designed LED lamp by Tunto which has won the international Red Dot Design 2009 Award for this amazing lamp that operates by touch and has no visible switches and nicely combines digital technology with natural wood.


This adorable Bird Alarm Clock will gently chirp, but annoying enough to wake you up.


This adorable Hedgehog pencil holder comes with 24 colored pencils.


Tight with budget and yet want to wear pearls that will give accent to your beautiful dress? Here’s for you my dear. Pearls Necklace by Born on Sunday won’t cost you a fortune. This will literally spell out pearls on your nice little neck.


Each of us has somehow experienced spilling a cup of coffee while sitting on a sofa. The slanted mugis for those who like to balance their mugs on their laps. The base nests securely and comfortably in your lap. The sofa mug, as the name suggests, allows you to balance the mug nicely on a sofa’s arm or on your knee. What a clever idea, isn’t it?


‘That Laptop is Mine’ is kind of a laptop name tag, it attaches to the top of your laptop with adhesive squares. It features a sleeve for a business card, a pocket and a pen holder. Perfect for students, and frequent travelers.


This USB Battleship can be loaded with 5 USB flash drives.


This MP3 Walkman will relive the days gone by through its design that looks just like your old school walkmanComplete with SD memory card and belt clip as well as all the stop, forward, pause, rewind mock-functions you used to be so fond of.

gon_gon_pen_1_large gon_gon_pen_2_large

This “Stop Global Warming” Pencil Set is made from %100 recycled paper. Made by Gongjang (which means ‘craftsmen who make things skillfully’) a company in Seoul, Korea that designs and produces products that have minimal impact on the environment.

These are not only unique and great finds. They’re the coolest fascinations that I have ever seen!


[Images via 12345678910]


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