Yes, you read the title right, this is a fingerpaint as introduced by American painter and photographer Chuck Close who achieved fame as a photorealist, through his massive-scale portraits. Close created this giant portrait in 1985 and called it Fanny/Fingerpainting in honor of his wife’s late grandmother, Fanny. As a true genius, Close has developed his own styles of artwork. With this one, he involved the direct application of pigment to a surface using his fingerprints while adjusting the amount of pigment and the pressure applied. He adeptly captured every detail of his subject’s face as if it were a real photograph.

UnbelievablyFascinatingFingerpaintPortraitbyChuckClose2 UnbelievablyFascinatingFingerpaintPortraitbyChuckClose3 UnbelievablyFascinatingFingerpaintPortraitbyChuckClose4

[via odditycentral]


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