Florida-based photorealist oil painter Steven Mills has always been fascinated with detail which favorably led him to graduate as magna cum laude when he received his BA in Art. He focused his interest on painting and for his first 20 years, he has produced and sold over 500 paintings. One of his shows was even sold out in as fast as 10 minutes! Check out some of his works and for sure you would be amazed at how Mills is able to create a painting that looks every bit of a photograph. You may also want to visit his website here.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA UnbelievablyAwesomePhotorealisticOilPaintingsbySteveMills3 UnbelievablyAwesomePhotorealisticOilPaintingsbySteveMills4 UnbelievablyAwesomePhotorealisticOilPaintingsbySteveMills5 UnbelievablyAwesomePhotorealisticOilPaintingsbySteveMills6 UnbelievablyAwesomePhotorealisticOilPaintingsbySteveMills7 UnbelievablyAwesomePhotorealisticOilPaintingsbySteveMills8


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