How was your New Year everyone? Well, the first day of the year was a bit rainy from where I came from and yet it was still awesome simply because rainy days really make my day and rainy nights also make my night. Ha-ha-ha! Enough with my corny antics, huh? Check out these astounding shots of United Kingdom-based artist Alistair Campbell. After the rain has stopped, it has always been pleasant to take a look at dew drops, isn’t it? And it would be more fantastic if inside these tiny drops you would be able to view nature at another perspective. Superb! ♥

UnbelievableDewDropsPhotographybyAlistairCampbell3 UnbelievableDewDropsPhotographybyAlistairCampbell4 UnbelievableDewDropsPhotographybyAlistairCampbell5 UnbelievableDewDropsPhotographybyAlistairCampbell6 UnbelievableDewDropsPhotographybyAlistairCampbell7 UnbelievableDewDropsPhotographybyAlistairCampbell8 UnbelievableDewDropsPhotographybyAlistairCampbell9 UnbelievableDewDropsPhotographybyAlistairCampbell10

[via photographyheat]


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