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Tod Wakefield and Mary Collier have designed this Pulborough modern house and completed in 2008. It is a re-build of agricultural buildings that formerly occupied the site. Designed as a large courtyard house, it features extensive glazing that give views of the surrounding gardens and also flood the house within. The construction is a simple steel frame with a barrel-vaulted zinc roof, allowing the internal spaces to be easily altered.

Sustainability has informed much of the design, with features that included zoned under-floor heating, super-insulation and a rainwater harvesting tank. Interior finishes throughout make use of oak harvested from the site. The south-facing glass (the high-performance windows were imported from Denmark) allows passive solar gain, whilst the large overhangs from the roof ensure that overheating is avoided.

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This property, located in Pulborough, West Sussex in England, is for sale. Visit The Modern House website for more information.


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