We have seen various versions of renovations but have you ever heard of a previous bank transformed into a trendy hotel?

According to Design Milk, the K5 hotel which is situated in Tokyo, Japan operates as “a micro-complex” of guest rooms, restaurants, bars and social spaces. The concept of the hotel was based on the goal of offering guests an experience “existing with nature in the city” that is personified by its prolific intermingling of plants with places.




Unique and exciting features:

  • Japanese concept of “aimai” — a uniquely Japanese notion of ambiguity with positive connotations
  • Fairly spacious 20 rooms designed by Swedish firm Claesson Koivisto Rune
  • Veiled columns, moody lighting, custom-made furniture and a liberal application of native materials
  • Convenient location in the district of Kabuto-cho, the financial center of Japan
  • Offers visitors quick and easy access to different shops, bars, and restaurants
  • The Tokyo Metro Ginza Line is just 10 minutes away (by walking)
  • Historic sites such as the Imperial Palace is just 30 minutes away (by walking) or you could ride a taxi and reach the place in just 5 minutes!

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You may read more about K5 hotel here.


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