Happy Hearts Day everyone! Well, I guess, everyday should be Valentine’s Day. And what better way to celebrate this extra special event is to take a trip down memory and be a bit nostalgic. Last year, the collaboration among BIG + Times Square Alliance + Flatcut + Local Projects and Zumtobel resulted to an interactive heart installation at Times Square, New York which utilized the flow of people, air and touch to bring the heart to life. The 10-foot tall glowing heart sculpture was called BIG ♥ NYC and it was composed of 400 transparent, LED lit, acrylic tubes. The cluster of lights around the heart came from the refraction of the Times Square’s lights by the transparent tubes. What’s even more interesting is that the heart will glow brighter and appear to pulsate faster when people touch the heart-shaped sensor. Love it! ♥

TisTheSeasonToBeRomantic2 TisTheSeasonToBeRomantic3 TisTheSeasonToBeRomantic5



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