sculptures made from pennies

Big things definitely come from small ones. A fitting example of this statement is what Philadelphia-based artist Stacey Lee Webber did with her sculptures. Webber considered using pennies for her God Bless America series and check out how magnificent the results came out.

The artist says:

I come from a lineage of laborers- men and women who worked corn farms, printing presses, beer trucks, and construction sites.  I value skilled physical labor and am proud to follow in their footsteps by using my hands in everyday life.  Unlike my forefathers, as an artist in the twenty first century I am able to make art objects that exist as declarations of the importance of the handmade while challenging these same systems. Through technique my artwork manipulates materials that evoke American iconography, working-class heroes, and national pride.  My objects are celebrations of American families and the blue-collar work ethic that binds the heart of the United States.

ThriftyScuplturesMadeFromPennies2 ThriftyScuplturesMadeFromPennies3 ThriftyScuplturesMadeFromPennies4 ThriftyScuplturesMadeFromPennies5 sculptures made from pennies


[via designboom]


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