Villages captured in miniatures are truly a sight to behold. Can someone please make a miniature of all the beautiful places in the world and place it in only one area, then literally call it a “Trip Around The World?” Wouldn’t it be nice isnt’ it?

Artists could really go a long way to show their creativity. They could intricately make simple things grand. Just like that miniature above.Located next to the original Lego factory, Legoland Billund is the largest tourist attraction in Denmark outside Copenhagen. At the heart of Legoland Billund is Miniland, a miniature Lego city with famous tourist spots and attractions. There are moving Lego parts such as bridges, boats and trains that make Miniland even more realistic. The attention given to Miniland is so intricate that every block fits exactly where it should be.

Take a stride on other samples of miniature works of art below:294873855_b49b0ba148_z

Miniature: St. Peter’s Basilica, Rome

Location: Tobu World Square, Japan61834482_7d6079bb0b_z

Miniature: Colloseum

Location: Window of the World, China

miniature city

Miniature: Maduradom

Location: Netherlands3547703463_3739208cd3_z

Miniature: Ancient Rome

Location: Museum of Roman Civilization4291070519_af427eac25_z

Miniature: Panorama of the City of New York

Location: Queens Museum of Art, USA3565202179_f27a569085_z

Miniature: Shanghai in 2020

Location: Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center, China


Miniature: Terracotta Army from the tomb of the first Emperor of Qin

Location: Forbidden Gardens, USA


Miniature: (I actually don’t know.)

Location: Istanbul, Miniatürk


Trip around the world via touropia.com


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