12 locations in 20 days last July 2011. And was in Helsinki last August. Lapin Kulta Solar Kitchen is on the move. There plenty of technicalities in running a restaurant such as this but it hasn’t stopped the people behind this business model. A meal in this very interesting set up will surely be quite an experience.

Best described in this quote from

“It is well known that solar kitchens use alternative energy: the sun. Yet it is not so widely known how the technical parameters of the solar kitchen affect food processing when cooking. Heat is all over the food, and is not only below as in the traditional way of cooking. The time sequence is much more progressive, changing continuously. These two facts affect the taste and texture of prepared food in a surprising and positive way, bringing about a completely different tasting experience.” 

The goal is to rethink the perception of the kichen, of cookind and food in relation to nature. And this certainly makes you curious. Wonder where will they go next?

solar kitchen design solar_kitchen_03_guixe_project solar_kitchen_06_guixe_project solar_kitchen_07_guixe_project solar_kitchen_09_guixe_project  solar_kitchen_helsinki_5_guixe_project solar_kitchen_helsinki_8_guixe_project

More info at the lapinkultasolarkitchenrestaurant website.




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