Paris based studio h2o Architects have designed the renovation of The Refuge.

This cleverly planned apartment is located in the Les Menuires Ski Resort in France. Completed in 2011.

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The Refuge by h2o Architects:

It is built at the end of the central building built in 1964 and features a triple orientation untapped by the original organization very compartmentalized. The request was impossible: increasing the surface area of ​​a living room without touching the bearing elements, propose two bathrooms instead of the existing single, keep the number of sleeping 8 beds 55 sqm.

To maximize the limited space and forced, we decided to reverse the perspective: do not try to get the furniture in the apartment but the apartment furniture! 
A large wooden curve through all of the apartment. It brings together all of the functions to generate a large living space and panoramic views towards the mountains. This furniture includes wall thickness in a range of everyday uses nested within each other: the seats are adjacent to storage, Bedding overlap, a reading corner to transplant to a window inside the kitchen to addosse a bathroom. It is now the furniture itself that makes the space. 
system secondary privatization beds are organized with curtains that wrap around the existing central wall. 
A certain ambivalence functions remain in niches that serve as storing, and train scale or frame traversing the interior views. The playfulness is also organized in the micro-scale of his sleeping perched must climb to find his reading light, the tablet, its storage and its nest and protector.

The interior is treated with a single material wood, birch plywood against light for indoor and American walnut for the curved wall.


Photos by Julien Attard from h2o architectes website.


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