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John Pardey Architects designed the Hind house located on the banks of the river Loddon, near Wargrave in England.

This 242 square meter contemporary home was completed in 2008.

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The Hind House by John Pardey Architects:

Raised on steel columns to avoid seasonal flooding of the site, the house hovers above the flood plain on the banks of the river Loddon near Wargrave. The house is split into distinct living, guest and bedroom elements arranged as wings in a pinwheel formation.

An entrance staircase punches up through a slot within a projecting zinc-clad volume, flanked by timber
lining and full height frameless glazing, and emerges onto an entrance landing which leads to a central hall space and deck dedicated to outdoor living. A second stair descends from this space onto a garden deck and boardwalk linking the house to a small landing stage at the river’s edge.

This highly insulated house is clad in western red cedar and black zinc, with aluminium framed windows and single ply membrane roof on a steel frame with timber stud infill.


Photos by Richard Powers | John Pardey Architects


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