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Crone Partners designed the Good House for the Good Family located in Sandringham, Melbourne.

This contemporary home has 441 square meter ground floor area and was completed in 2010.

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Good House by Crone Partners:

The Good House was all about creating a home for its occupants; within the relatively tight inner suburban location and restrictive building envelope. A home that not only delivers a warm, beautiful and inviting place to live in; but also a home that allows for growth and change for the family to insert the detail of their changing lives.

Crone Partners, collaborative approach to design with the client helped to rationalise their wish list into a concise and deliverable brief which ultimately, ensured optimum project solution tailored specially for the client.

The project is realised through a series of simple intersecting and overlapping rectangular forms, with each ‘box’ offering a zone within the home. This creates private and shared spaces that flow into one another. This interior is warm and welcoming, but equally sophisticated. The interior is essentially a blank canvas that allows the family to add their personality to each individual space. These interior spaces can be opened up and connected or locked down for restricted, intimate use; the rooms cater for the variance of their day-to-day lives.


Photos by Crone Partners


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