It’s always a wonderful experience listening to a great story. All your senses are at work in this time. Your imagination is evoked and exercised. Do you think telling a story is an art in itself? Yes, I do. It’s a talent most people don’t have. That’s why it’s always a treat to hear somebody share a tale.

Tang Yau Hoong sets another bar. He presents, an attempt to telling a story through a single illustration. Now, it’s all up to you. Tell it like it is. Or use your imagination.
He named the following collection, the art of Negative Space.


illustration art Coexistence-Tang-Yau-Hoong-wp Day-vs-Night-Tang-Yau-Hoong-wp Eco-friendly Ernest-Hemingway-Tang-Yau-Hoong-wp Eye-on-the-City-Tang-Yau-Hoong-500x500-wp Feather-of-Life-Tang-Yau-Hoong-wp Found-Anything-Yet-Tang-Yau-Hoong-wp Home-Tang-Yau-Hoong-500x500-wp In-Flying-Colours-Tang-Yau-Hoong-wp In-Nostalgic-Mood-Tang-Yau-Hoong-wp  Moustacheville-Tang-Yau-Hoong-wp1 Piano Sky-Aperture-Tang-Yau-Hoong-wp Sky-Invader-Tang-Yau-Hoong-wp The-Haunting-Hand



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