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Designer Gonçalo Campos shares with us his latest project. Veil inspired porcelain wares called Tecido Platte.

Gonçalo says,

After a complex process of essentially giving substance and rigidity to a piece of fabric, and then fix it’s shape, so a mould could be cast, this light, and surprising object was created. All this happened in the authentic and historical grounds of Vista Alegre, a Portuguese Porcelain and Crystal company founded back in 1824.

Tecido is a platter inspired on a veil. Usually a modest item used to create anticipation and draw attention to whatever it conceals, and now it becomes an object in its own right. Affirmed by its own elegant and delicate shape, in a simple, yet impressive arrangement, it becomes a functional product that can be used daily, as much as in special occasions. This is a product to inspire each one of us to appreciate the simple things in life and see the beauty in all the details that go unappreciated, such as the gentle shapes in a veil.

All the detail and elegance from the fabric could anly be captured in this product thanks to the great quality porcelain and the amazing artisans from Vista Alegre.
Tecido Platter is produced by Vista Alegre
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Photos by Gonçalo Campos


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