Wooden Tree Installation Show Strength of Domino Effect

The Small Knocking Down the Big is an installation project by Chinese artist Qiu Zhijie. The artist put together big rectangular pieces of wood for the trunk and small sized ones for branches constituting the shape of a knocked down giant tree. “The physical principle of the Domino effect is that when one block falls, its thrust forward is greater than that of the earlier block. As a result, if the blocks […]


Incredibly Detailed Moon Wood Carving

Pittsburg based artists Paul Roden and Valerie Lueth have been making intricate artwork using conventional printmaking since 2006. Their latest and biggest hand-carved project is called The Moon. The drawing was done on a block of 3/4″ Birch plywood. The size of the block is approx 36″ x 32″. The woodcut image prints bleed off the edge of a 35.5″ x 30.5″ sheet of white paper and they offer prints that’s available on their website.. The text above […]


Broken Skateboard Colorful Sculptures

I have been curious about these artworks ever since I caught an article about it in a magazine. Not your ordinary passion for skateboards, his passion is for broken skateboards. Rather than throwing it away, he makes an art out of it. What a great way to commemorate a good ‘ol skateboard right? He is a Japanese wood sculptor named Haroshi. Himself a skateboard enthusiast, he creates colorful mementos out […]