Fredensborg House in Denmark Primarily Built in White by NORM Architects

NORM Architects designed the Fredensborg House in Copenhagen, Denmark in keeping with the tradition of Scandinavian simplicity. Description by NORM Architects: On a sloping property north of Copenhagen, the “Fredensborg House” is built on five small plateaus connected by steps, reflecting the shape of its surrounding terrain. The house aesthetic is derived from inspirations brought about by the labyrinthine mountain village architecture, those that you may find familiar in Southern […]


Pristinely White Casa MO in Chile by Gonzalo Mardones Viviani

Architect Gonzalo Mardones Viviani designed Casa MO, a pristinely white coastal home located in the seaside town of Zapallar, Chile. Description by the architect: The house is buried with clearly no intention to interrupt the wonderful view to the horizon from the public road so it is accessed by stairs and ramps going deep into the mountain to discover again – from inside the house – the sea, coast and […]


Beautiful Home in March District, Switzerland by Kit Architects

Young Switzerland-based Kit Architects designed this beautiful home located in March District, Switzerland with a particularly interesting rough and irregular facade painted by craftsmen. Description by Kit Architects: The house in March District is located in the midst of a densely populated suburban neighborhood near the bank of a narrow brook. To create a connection to the surrounding garden, the building was designed as a split-level. This allows a sequence […]


Minimalist House in Tamatsu by Ido, Kenji Architectural Studio

Ido, Kenji Architectural Studio designed the House in Tamatsu located in an urban district in Osaka, Japan. Description by Ido, Kenji, Architectural Studio: The house is designed for 4 members of a family with two kids. The house is placed at urban district and a small plot of only 43.21sqm in Osaka, Japan. Around the site is the mixed-use area where small houses, small factories, and small office buildings coexist […]


Unique Sunomata House in Japan by Keitaro Muto Architects

Keitaro Muto Architects designed this unique Sunomata house composed of three overlapping blocks located in Ogaki, Misasa, Tohaku District, Tottori Prefecture, Japan.  Description by Keitaro Muto Architects: This project was to rebuild a house at the corner location between a rice field and a traditional residential area. From the size of double house and the relations of family units, this house contains a variety of open spaces. The brief from […]


Awesome Japanese Home with an Amazing View of Mountains by Kawashima Mayumi Architects Design

Kawashima Mayumi Architects Design built this home located in Hokuto, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan with a stunning view of Mounts Fuji and Kai Komagatake. Description by Kawashima Mayumi Architects Design: Kobuchizawa is a town of the foot of the south side of Yatsugatake that has a gentle slope toward the south to the vertex Yatsugatake towering mountain range to the north. We can look Mount Fuji far south and north Alps, […]


Eye-Catching F-House in Japan that Features a Unique Façade of a Crisp White Sheet of Paper with a Folded Edge by Yukio Hashimoto

Japanese architect Yukio Hashimoto designed the ‘F-House’, a two-storey residence in Kyoto, Japan. What makes this home unique is its façade composed of a crisp white sheet of paper with a folded edge that can be associated with the traditional art of origami. Its traditional Japanese interiors feature no visible windows as well as an internal courtyard that hides an inner garden. Description by the architect: The simple fold is […]


Laidback Casa No Tempo in Portugal by João and Andreia Rodrigues and Aires Mateus

João and Andreia Rodrigues in collaboration with design firm Manuel Aires Mateus renovated an old family farm into a laidback bed and breakfast Casa No Tempo just outside Lisbon, Portugal.  Description by the architects: “Casa No Tempo” has been in the family for many years. It was our granddad’s will that we look after it until the next generation. Being aware of his vision we tried to aim higher, connecting […]


Eye-Catching # House # 1.130 in Spain by Estudio.Entresitio

Estudio.Entresitio designed this striking # House # 1.130, a 500 sqm single-family home in Madrid, Spain. Description by Estudio.Entresitio: This is a single-family house, but quite a large one, something over 5 hundred square meters, site is narrow and long and sloped towards south. Two different schemes superimposed one on top the other; a longitudinal one, based on spatial forking, and the one underneath, based on a hand fingers like configuration. […]


Gorgeous House in Miramar by e348 Arquitectura

e|348 Arquitectura designed this gorgeous house in Miramar, Portugal. Description by e|348 Arquitectura: It is a building consisting of two distinct adjacent and interrelated volumes, the housing itself – consisting of two storeys plus a penthouse – and a garage. Although the volume, apparently, is being treated as a solid monolith, it is fully traversed, with vertical and horizontal voids, with the purpose of creating strong visual relations with its […]