Spectacular Surfer Photography by Chris Burkard

These surfer and wave photographs captured at sunset by Chris Burkard is simply spectacular. Check out his most popular works here. And many more photos here, here and here.


Stunning Wave Photography by Pierre Carreau

French photographer Pierre Carreau took these little beauties, eye-catching photos of waves as if they are sculptures of the sea. Pierre Carreau’s website


Curling Waves Captured in Another Perspective

Photographer Mark Tipple realizes wave photography have been captured countless times, he wanted to make something different. As part of his Underwater Project, Mark produced the Mare Vida series that shows the glorious curling waves as it’s seen on the other side. Actually, the Mare Vida series was found by chance. He says, Shooting The Underwater Project dictates no boards and definitely no wetsuits – meaning the danger of losing skin was increased tenfold. With a wary eye watching […]


Stunning Wave Photography by David Orias

Remember seeing hyper realistic paintings that seem like they are real photographs? Let me introduce something of the opposite that will make you think these are unreal photos. A brilliant photographer named David Orias gets to capture images of waves at different angles and plays with the saturation and contrast aspects in order to come up these remarkable shots. [via vieweird]