Several Waterfalls Flowing on Huge Sandstone Formation in Australia

Considered one of the most notable landmarks in Australia is Ayer’s Rock, also known as Uluru, a huge sandstone formation that stands about 348 meters high and is located near Alice Springs in central Australia. This legendary formation has several waterfalls flowing from its peak, a touch of silver against the rock that is said to turn glowing red at dawn and sunset and changes color at different times of the year.


Spectacular Rainbow + Waterfall Coalition

While standing near a cliff at the Tunnel View in Yosemite National Park, California, photographer Justin Lee had the opportunity of a lifetime in witnessing this natural wonder. Wow. Read more: The Daily Mail.


Enchanting Plitvice Lakes of Croatia

Pronounced as plîtʋitse, the Plitvice Lakes is a world famous national park that features 16 lakes arranged in cascades. Several little rivers flow together creating this wonderful scenery. This national park is the oldest in Southeast Europe and the largest national park in Croatia. Founded in 1949 and is situated in the mountains of central Croatia, at the border to Bosnia and Herzegovina. A helicopter ride over this place would be a real […]


Gorgeous Waterfall Walkway in Switzerland

Few people have explored the St. Beatus Cave despite its enchanting location ~ the entrance is an old-style structure hanging on the side of a huge rock face with falling water beneath it. Imagine slowly going up the staircase enjoying the most beautiful views of Switzerland? Invigorating. Stalactites and stalagmites await visitors inside the cave and a few underground waterfalls and lakes. There’s also a diorama of St. Beatus in his […]


Imbert de Puerto Plata

Situated in the town of Imbert de Puerto Plata, the famous 27 Pools of Damajagua attract both local and international tourists fascinated in unspoilt natural wonders of Dominican Republic. Damajagua River Pools 27 of Puerto Plata are a real attraction for those who truly love nature. [via puertoplatadigital]