New Architectural Watercolor Illustrations by Maja Wrońska

Loving these new watercolor illustrations by Maja Wrońska and how she makes it look so easy. If you’d like to see the process of making these wonderful artworks you may check out the Making of Siena and Making of Rouen. [via takmaj, colossal]


Former Marine Paints Travels in Light Expressive Colors

Christian Couteau was a marine who has travelled around the world twice before his retirement. As a former marine, this self-taught painter continued his love for water with his watercolor paintings. The colors of Couteau’s work are all expressive and vibrant. Couteau describes his work, The subjects I paint are recognizable because I speak rendered ‘paint’ and not photography quality. The color is the dominant part expressive in my creations […]


Splendid Watercolor Paintings by Grzegorz Wrobel

Grzegorz Wróbel‘s interest in drawing and painting from the early years of childhood but he found fascination in the watercolor technique only in 2002. You’ll find that his paintings mostly features buildings and the urban landscape, that’s because he works in architecture and everything that is connected with it. The artist says, My watercolors are created from a passion to observe the world around us. Each watercolor is just my personal version […]


I Love A Beautiful Mess

It’s no fun drawing inside the lines ala-coloring book. Why not try letting it flow and see what you can come given the unintentional shapes of random watercolor drips?   [via]