Artist Documents Her Travels by Drawing Iconic Architecture

Instead of spending time taking too many photos, artist Sunga Park creatively documented her travels from 2007-2012 by drawing the iconic architecture in watercolor. Park aims to show something different with the ‘unfinished beauty’ of each of her architectural renderings. [via behance]


Creative Illustrations of Superheroes made from Splashes of Paint

Check out these impressive illustrations of superheroes by Polish artist Kacper Kiec. The artist used watercolors with a unique style wherein he opted to create drawings through paint spatters. You may want visit his Tumblr site to see more of his artworks.   [via designtaxi]


Abstract Silhouette Paintings of Famous Cityscapes

Barcelona-based artist Elena Romanova finds beauty in imperfection as reflected in her abstract works of famous cityscapes. The artist’s silhouette watercolor paintings are uniquely inspired mixture of striking colors. “….. the beauty in imperfection, life, emotions, good, bad, sad, happy, funny, cheeky, naughtiness, madness, love and much more. I hope to offer in each and every print and painting a little piece of me and my imagination.” You can find more of […]


Beautiful Architectural Artworks by Maja Wrońska

You’ll definitely love this watercolor and illustration series by Polish artist Maja Wrońska. Her subjects are the gorgeous cityscapes and landmarks around the cities of Europe. The silhouettes, shades and shadow techniques in her water color paintings and sketches are simply outstanding.    Check the rest of Maja Wrońska‘s outstanding portfolio on deviantART and Facebook.   [via twistedsifter]


Tearfully Expressive Watercolor Paintings

The artist’s name is Marion Bolognesi. She lives and works in New York City, where she divides her time between accessories design and her personal passion for expressive, illustrative water color paintings. Her paintings and work has been exhibited around the globe. See more at


I Love A Beautiful Mess

It’s no fun drawing inside the lines ala-coloring book. Why not try letting it flow and see what you can come given the unintentional shapes of random watercolor drips?   [via]