Former Marine Paints Travels in Light Expressive Colors

Christian Couteau was a marine who has travelled around the world twice before his retirement. As a former marine, this self-taught painter continued his love for water with his watercolor paintings. The colors of Couteau’s work are all expressive and vibrant. Couteau describes his work, The subjects I paint are recognizable because I speak rendered ‘paint’ and not photography quality. The color is the dominant part expressive in my creations […]


Awe-inspiring Watercolor Paintings by Paul Jackson

American artist Paul Jackson is has pursued his love for watercoloring since 1985. Today, Paul is one of the most versatile contemporary watercolorists. Known as the wandering colorist and adventurer, Paul’s inspirations are drawn from his many travels. His wide range of portfolio include subjects such as landscape, cityscape, portrait, architecture, still life and abstract. The artist’s captivating style exudes genuine emotion, intensity and finesse that energize each of his creations. For more of his beautiful portfolio, […]


Delightful Water Color Art by ZL Feng

An international award winning artist, ZL Feng started painting at age seven and never stopped. He tried different mediums before choosing his favorite, watercolor. The artist says: “With watercolor you cannot cover your mistakes, so you must know what you are doing.” “Capturing the personality and character is very important, and painting eyes is the most difficult aspect of portraiture.” “I concentrate on serious portraits expressing my subject’s character, their life struggle and their […]