Amusing Custom Map Wall Murals by Wallpapered

What is it with maps that I just absolutely love? I don’t really know the exact answer. What I do know though is that I would totally have one of my walls designed by Wallpapered. With a custom design, I would have the luxury of a mural inside my home that will feature my town or any spot on the globe that I simply adore. The people behind this website says that it was created to […]


Bold Patterns + Outdoor Wallpapers

Italian wallpaper company Wall & Decò introduces a new system for outdoor wallpaper that went with bold patterns and interesting designs. The system dubbed as OUT (Outdoor Unconventional Textures), is three layers of covering that consists of an adhesive, a technical fabric and a finishing treatment. This technique makes it possible for amazing photographic reproductions and large-scale designs to be applied on locations exposed to weather. Here are some of their newly […]


Bold Prints + Top 10 Wall Paper Ideas

Today we’re exploring more ideas on how to liven up your walls! Featuring 10 different ideas in bold prints and shapes, these will certainly raise attractiveness and create a feature out of your lackluster wall. [source: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten.]