Abstract Silhouette Paintings of Famous Cityscapes

Barcelona-based artist Elena Romanova finds beauty in imperfection as reflected in her abstract works of famous cityscapes. The artist’s silhouette watercolor paintings are uniquely inspired mixture of striking colors. “….. the beauty in imperfection, life, emotions, good, bad, sad, happy, funny, cheeky, naughtiness, madness, love and much more. I hope to offer in each and every print and painting a little piece of me and my imagination.” You can find more of […]


Botanical Prints + Your Home

Invite nature in your home and place is on you walls. Simply hang these beautiful botanical depictions and instant interest is added to your wall. These somewhat remind me of school labs. You know those educational materials that are forever posted in old classrooms. Only when I saw them grouped like this did it occur to me that this is actually a valuable decor. And it looks good too. Scour thru your […]


Upcycled + Vintage Dictionary Book Art Print

If you’re into vintage things, this one’s for you. Nommon has a shop in Etsy that showcase old dictionary pages as backgrounds for new interesting art. From random notes, to shell and bird varieties, many ways to upcycle old prints to display frames for your home. Nommon says of his creations: It’s a good idea to rescue old antique books and give them a new life as artistic decorations. Old antique books are recycled as […]