Flamboyant Wallflower Photographic Wall Decals

This would be my first time to come across with wall decals because all I knew then was a simple paint and the usual wallpaper for decorating bare walls. It is remarkable to know that wall decals do exist, especially those made from high-resolution photographs enlarged wide enough to cover your walls. What is more exciting for this innovation (on my part) is that they are like stickers that you can easily […]


Playful Wall Decals

These are totally cute and surely will brighten up your room. Look at those playful designs in vivid colors! Having one of these will certainly look good in a kid’s room, moreso for those kids-at-heart. It looks good when installed anywhere in a room.   [via interiorzine.com]


Banksy inspired wall stickers

We’ve seen Banksy’s work on streets everywhere but inside a home. The Binary Box has come up with a great idea of creating a series of wall stickers inspired by the street artist. Now you can add a piece of clever art as a feature on your favorite wall. [via ideastosteal]