Meandering Funnels of Kunsthof-Passage Make Charming Water Music

A fun piece of artisty is hidden somewhere in Dresden, Germany. In a place called Kunsthof-Passage, there are different art installations in a series of buildings and courtyards. There are farm animal shapes carved on sandstone, a court of light (where sunlight bounces off an interior mirror), a court of metamorphoses and of mythical creature and most interesting of all, a court of water. The courtyard of water is the creative work of three […]


Super Mario Pixel Wall Art

Chalk is a wonderful staple if you’re into street art. Take these chalk murals done on brick walls across the campus of UTA in Texas. Micheal Henderson, John Henderson, Matt Raney and Amy Gorman have followed the brick pattern as their guideline for the pixel wall art. Photos by Micheal Henderson via