Beautiful Mess + Petite Home in Sweden

This 60 square meter home in Sweden is a beautiful messy space with colorful knickknacks, quirky prints and vintage articles. A bigger part of this tiny home is a large lounge while leaving ample space for a kitchen, bedroom, bath and a pocket garden. Helping make this home look bigger is that most part of the walls are painted in white and large windows that go with it. In spite of its […]


Can't Believe These Are Now Called The 'New' Vintage

Not too long ago, these were the gadget. If you had it, then you’re in. Changing times, sometimes we can not keep up enough. Back to Basics is a project by Zim & Zou, a french designers duo based in Nancy, France. In this project, they made famous ‘new’ vintage objects of the recent past out of colored paper. [via]