Unique Home Composed of Six Trapezoids

Somewhere in Tokyo you will find this residence uniquely called as House M designed by Hiroyuki Shinozaki. The house consists of six trapezoid-like structures wherein the windows were created utilizing the spaces between these trapezoids. For its exterior, you will be amused by its deck and parking space as well as the large roof made from wooden joists. [via spoon-tamago.com]


Photographs or Toy Miniatures?

Which is which? I must confess that I have this bad habit of browsing through the images first before reading an article. Yes, I read the title and the words toy miniatures got stuck in my head. And while I was viewing the pictures I was totally deceived and actually thought that these were toy miniatures. I must also admit that there were times when I would say that, “Hey, this one’s […]


Enthusing Slope Residences by Waldemarson Berglund

Dreaming of literally living in a slope? Well, this one’s for you wherever you are… ehem… pardon me please Barry Manilow. Anyway, somewhere in Northern Sweden, three timber Are Solbringen Residences were built on a steep slope. Waldemarson Berglund, an architectural practice based in Stockholm, Sweden, designed the houses without giving the residents the feeling of gliding down. As you browse through the interiors below, you would be amazed by how these homes were built as […]


Watch My Bicycle

Look at how people can do such an amazing work. Who would have thought that an already considered as a scrap of an old watch can be transformed into such brilliant work of art? [via nbalgd.info]


Amazing Aqueous Electreau by Mark Mawson

Well, that’s an incredible triple “A” for such a great artist like Mark Mawson, an international award-winning photographer. His name might ring a bell for those who have been graciously following the Wave. Do you remember rd‘s post about Graceful Underwater Dance? Yes, that’s one of the many works of art of Mark Mawson. With his new collection dubbed as “Aqueous Electreau” that has become viral in the beginning of 2012, Mawson drops […]


Looking Down from the Ceiling

Bored from always seeing things within eye level? Probably German photographer, Menno Aden, thought of this when he came up with his unique series of photos of Berlin interiors. He takes pictures from an unusual perspective, that is, looking down from the ceiling. More than literally, it kind of let’s you see things from a different perspective too. [via crephoto.net]


Remarkable City Photos by Stephanie Jung

These may look like paintings but actually they’re not. What keeps me amazed by these photos is the fact that I don’ exactly have clear understanding and knowledge of how photographer Stephanie Jung captures them. Vibration of the watermark space themes of urbanity, identity and placed in an acceleration voltage ratio with the cultural tradition are at the center of the tables in Japan for less unusual Stephanie Jung. Straight […]


Stone Footprints by Iain Blake

Check out this really cute series of photographs dubbed as “Stone Footprints” by Iain Blake. I never thought that simple pebbles of different shapes and sizes could turn out to be such adorable works of art.… I think that this could be a great way to bond with your children, family and friends. Isn’t it?   [via ufunk.net]


3-Way Home Featuring A Rock Climbing Wall

This two-storey private house was designed by naf architect & design (tetsuya nakazono, akio nakasa). What makes this 3-way home in Tokyo, Japan fantastic is its very unique rock climbing wall that scales a central courtyard. Cubic in form, the free-standing wooden structure is simple and unassuming in its exterior expression, exhibiting textured facades with rectangular windows interspersedly marking their surface. a large opening from the street level provides a sheltered car park […]


GPS Drawings and a Bike

Christopher Wallace loves biking so much that one day he thought of making creative drawings using GPS that outline his cycling routes. Read more of his story here.