Not-Your-Usual All-Time Favorite Sandcastles

Be amazed with these sandcastles created by artist  Calvin Seibert who attempted to modify our all-time favorite pastime while hitting the beach. All I can say is that his works are great and they inspire me want to make one myself. The artist says: Time well spent I always have these ideas that I want to try but somehow in the attempt to get something done by the end of the day […]


Picturesque Paint-Like Images

These photos are absolutely fantastic and you would not easily believe that these are actually pictures. For your precious information, these are not paintings. Unbelievable, huh?!? Yes, they are truly photos taken by Canadian photographer Matt Molloy. And how does he do it? The artist stacks hundreds of shots taken from a time lapse video while the smeared effect results from the layering. Brilliant! [via honestlywtf]


Clever Dancing Colors by Fabian Oefner

If Jack Long has breathtaking drops of paint while Mark Mawson has amazing aqueous electreau, then here comes another artist who keenly experimented with colors and the results are just as fantastic and uniquely different. Switzerland-based professional photographer Fabian Oefner dubbed his series Dancing Colors (making sound waves visible) literally because he captures color pigments as they dance to the beat of a speaker. The artist says: The idea of the series is to build a bridge between the acoustical and […]


Remarkable Toy Store That Does Not Sell Toys

Amidst the advent of technology and digital toys, it is good to note that there are still people who would want children experience the how it was like to play solely using their imagination and creativity. Check out this special store that does not sell toys. Sounds strange? Well, the Chicago Children’s Museum, in partnership with creative agencies Energy BBDO and Xi Chicago, created the Mister Imagine’s Toy Store that […]


Day to Night Photography by Stephen Wilkes

A day without sunshine is like, night. I remember this witty one liner that I stumbled upon last month. And now here comes a unique concept by photographer Stephen Wilkes who thought of capturing our daily and night activities in one shot. The artist dubbed his series as Day to Night. Check them out! [via koikoikoi]


Captivating Photos by Daniel Kukla

The best way to capture the beauty of nature is through a mirror. Photographer Daniel Kukla created his series dubbed as “The Edge Effect” with a mirror and a painter’s easel, inside Southern California’s Joshua Tree National Park, where the Sonoran desert and the Mojave desert meet. The artist says: In March of 2012, I was awarded an artist’s residency by the United States National Park Service in southern California’s Joshua Tree National Park. While […]


Fascinating Liquid Glass

Jean Bérard is a French photographer based in Mexico City who specializes in advertising, fashion, liquids and products photography. Look how amazing more of these liquid glasses are after the jump! [via behance]


Lovely Hexagon Wood Tiles

Check out these eye-catching hexagon wood tiles designed by Form Us With Love (FUWL) in partnership with TRÄULLIT, both based in Sweden. FUWL is an internationally acclaimed studio that continues to challenge the conventional through design initiatives, while, TRÄULLIT is Sweden’s only manufacturer of wood wool cement board. TRÄULLIT says: In the Hexagon concept by Form Us With Love, design complements the practicality of the material, creating a simple but striking product. The collection will expand on an annual basis with new […]


Alluring Curtain Door by Matharoo Associates

This would surely make your day in and day out. Matharoo Associates, an architecural firm, designed the Curtain Door. The massive door is made of 40 sections of thick Burma teak and sits between the entrance’s concrete walls. Each section has been carved to incorporate 160 pulleys, 80 ball bearings, one wire rope, and a hidden counterweight. [via design-milk]


Fascinating Home of Three Sisters

This unique home was built and designed by Blancafort-Reus Arquitectura based on what the owners wanted it to look like. What’s touching about this project is that it was conceptualized by three sisters who wanted a place for their respective families that would give them equal great views and yet still maintain a certain intimacy among them. [via feeldesain]