Eye-Catching Saw-Roofed House with Circular Layout in California by William O’Brien Jr.

Architect William O’Brien Jr. designed this unique home with multi-peaked roof in Sonoma, California. Description by the architect: The Hendee-Borg House is a symmetrical saw-tooth roof house for two artists—a sculptor and a media artist—that includes a pair of large artist studios and an attenuated gallery space, in addition to a sequence of domestic spaces. The studio spaces are planometrically-mirrored about an east-west axis in order to facilitate distinct, natural lighting […]


Fabulous Rain Shelter House in Japan by y+M Design Office

y+M design office completed the Rain Shelter House, a private residence located in Yonago, Japan designed with an eye-catching, folded roof that protects its occupants from the large amount of precipitation throughout the year. Photos by yohei sasakura / sasa no kurasha via designboom


Awesome Extension House vB4 in Belgium by dmvA

dmvA designed the Extension House vB4 in Brecht, Belgium. Description by dmvA: “A few years ago dmvA was requested to design an extension to an A-framed house in order to reconvert this holiday home into a comfortable, contemporary house. This house is situated in a former recreation area and although municipality transformed this area into one with full residential use, one has to deal with specific building regulations. First dmvA […]


Eye-Catching F-House in Japan that Features a Unique Façade of a Crisp White Sheet of Paper with a Folded Edge by Yukio Hashimoto

Japanese architect Yukio Hashimoto designed the ‘F-House’, a two-storey residence in Kyoto, Japan. What makes this home unique is its façade composed of a crisp white sheet of paper with a folded edge that can be associated with the traditional art of origami. Its traditional Japanese interiors feature no visible windows as well as an internal courtyard that hides an inner garden. Description by the architect: The simple fold is […]


Bio Climatic Smart RD House in Dominican Republic by Vasho

Chilean architectural firm Vasho designed the grass-roofed RD House located in Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic. Description by VASHO: “The programmatic challenge: design a house that allows 18 people to fit comfortably within 500mt2 (including terraces). Open spaces, characteristic of the local architecture. All of the bedrooms have their own bathroom, study and/or library and living room-dining room-kitchen all in one space. The house will be a second home to use intermittently […]


Interesting Japanese Home with an Origami-Inspired Roof by TSC Architects

TSC Architects have brought origami into life with this interesting home located in Mie, Japan with the internal space all wrapped inside the origami roof. Description by TSC Architects: Site is located in the old village surrounded by mountain, Mie Prefecture Japan. There is a stone wall made with a round stone around this area from old days a lot. There was the stone wall which a grandfather made in the […]