Eye-Catching Star Wars House in South Korea by Moon Hoon

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Awesome Home in Iran with Rotating Rooms by nextoffice

Iran-based nextoffice designed the Sharifi-ha House, an awesome residence located in Tehran with rotating rooms. Description by nextoffice: Uncertainty and flexibility lie at the heart of this project’s design concept. The sensational, spatial qualities of the interiors, as well as the formal configuration of its exterior, directly respond to the displacement of turning boxes that lead the building’s volume to become open or closed, introverted or extroverted. These changes may […]


Interesting Sycamore House in Los Angeles by Aaron Neubert Architects

Aaron Neubert Architects designed the Sycamore House, a unique residence in Los Angeles with a sycamore tree literally penetrating the space of its kitchen, family room, master suite and the roof deck. Description by Aaron Neubert Architects: The design direction for the 1,500 sf addition was de­termined by the peninsular shape of the property, the desire to restore the existing 1950’s post & beam residence, and an interest in modifying […]


Exquisite Tunnel House in Japan by Makiko Tsukada Architects

Makiko Tsukada Architects designed this exquisite tunnel house at the end of a T-junction in Tokyo, Japan. Description by Makiko Tsukada Architects: The site is at the end of a T-junction. Our design intension is to provide a visual extension of the street on the site so that it creates a virtual cross road. The interior space and the exterior space are connected by carving out a part of the […]


Culturally Modern Ga On Jai Residence in South Korea by IROJE KHM Architects

Korean firm IROJE KHM Architects designed this unique Korean Ga On Jai Residence that is a mixture of modern and traditional styles. Description from the IROJE KHM Architects: MONUMENTAL SITE About 20 years ago, government held “the house expo” in Gang Nam and constructed this “expo town” of low-rise residences, and every site of this town were designed by selected architects who had been famous in Korea at that time. […]


Unique Convertible Courtyards House in Australia by Christopher Megowan Design

Christopher Megowan Design has created a unique home that kinetically adapts to the variable climate of Melbourne, Australia. Description by Christopher Megowan Design : As the name suggests, the Convertible Courtyards House, by Christopher Megowan Design, kinetically adapts to the notoriously variable climate found in Melbourne, Australia. This project added a kitchen, living area, dining area, bathroom, master bedroom, ensuite and two decks to a previously overlooked yet charming weatherboard cottage in […]