Ingenious Foyn-Johanson Home in Australia by Harrison and White

Sustainable urban design and architectural firm Harrison and White has designed the Foyn-Johanson Home in Northcote, Australia. The objective was to come up with a concept that would allow the sun’s rays to shine down inside the residence, specifically into the garden where the owner plants their own food. Description by Harrison and White: We see one of the key issues in Australian housing being how we use the sun to […]


Distinctive Louver House in New York by Leroy Street Studio

Award-winning architectural practice Leroy Street Studio designed the Louver House in Wainscott, New York. Description from Leroy Street Studio: Sited on the edge of an open agricultural reserve, LSS sought to capture the qualities of traditional barn structures while developing a modern building responding to the site’s dramatic views. The entry draws one through the building’s louvered skin into a two-story foyer overlooking a three story interior garden courtyard. The […]


Accessible and Wheelchair Friendly Loft MM in Belgium by C.T. Architects

Young, international firm C.T. Architects have designed this home without boundaries in Belgium. The team converted the storage area of the ground floor of an apartment into a very welcoming dwelling place for an accident victim. Description by C.T. Architects: A home without boundaries: The project includes the conversion of a ground floor apartment, previously used for storage, into an accessible and wheelchair friendly living space for an accident victim. The result […]


Uniquely Built Villa Kanousan in Japan by Yuusuke Karasawa Architects

Yuusuke Karasawa Architects have designed this simple yet definitely eye-catching Villa Kanousan located in Kimitsu, Chiba Prefecture, Japan. The residence takes a unique cube form and as you enter inside you would be at awe with its very peculiar look. Description by Yuusuke Karasawa Architects: This is a weekend cottage situated within the deep mountainous area of midlands in Bousou Peninsula. The site is located in Kanou Mountain, Kimitsu city. An […]


'The Left-Over-Space House’ by Cox Rayner Architects

Cox Rayner Architects has designed this unique private house in Paddington, Queensland, Australia. This renovation and extension project included adjoining a tiny cottage and a Heritage hall to create a comfortable home for a family of four.    Description by Cox Rayner Architects: This narrow private house demonstrates what can be achieved on the myriad of ‘left-over’ spaces in inner cities, such as disused easements or parking lots.  In this […]


Uniquely Brilliant 'House on a House' Concept by Andreescu & Gaivoronschi Associated Architects

The Andreescu & Gaivoronschi Associated Architects have designed this contemporary house in the north of Timisoara, Romania based on a unique concept of “house on a house”. The architects thought of adopting a clannish tradition typical where young members of the family live with the parents. The “house on house” meant the coexistence between the young and the old members of the family.  The former is symbolized by the wood […]


Mesmerizing Distort House by TWS & Partners

At first glance, this house looks like broken in half and then the roof suddenly gets your attention. But what’s more interesting is how it is called, The Distort House, which was inspired by the concept of its designers about “twisting out something from the usual line”. The TWS & Partners designed this contemporary residence in Jakarta, Indonesia that features an efficient, heat-deflecting terracotta roof. It also highlights the use of […]


Stunning Soap Bubble Planet Formations

I guess every child grew up enjoying the sight of bubbles while playing inside the bathroom. Take it from me huh! I really loved making bubbles out of soap rubbed through my hands. I also adored those ready-made liquid combination where you can blow off on a device then automatically several bubbles would come out. And probably photographer Jason Tozer also had a great childhood memory with bubbles, which inspired his really gorgeous series. Check out his photos […]


Fascinating Photos of New York City Captured with a Bicycle

You have definitely seen photos taken inside a car or a train or any other wheeled transportation but have you ever saw one taken with a bicycle? Me neither, but that was before encountered one. Photographer Tom Olesnevich interestingly attached his DSLR Nikon D40 upside down to his bicycle and took photos via infrared mode while riding around the Big Apple. The project is dubbed as NYC By Bike. The photographer says: I’m the rider in […]


Interesting School House Without Walls

You might be wondering how could this be possible – having a classroom without walls. When you come to visit the Swedish Free School Organization Vittra, you would definitely be amazed by its philosophy that there are no classes or classrooms. Interestingly, the students are organized into groups wherein they are taught according to level based on the school’s pedagogical principles of the wateringhole, the show-off, the cave, the campfire and the laboratory. For the goal of the school to become operational, […]