Literally and Figuratively Cool Ice Typography by Nicole Dextras

Environmental artist Nicole Dextras has come up with as cool as ‘Frozen’ ice typography series.  It consists of 8-foot high to 18-inch high three-dimensional words fabricated in iced set outdoors. Description by the artist: The Ice Typography series consists of three-dimensional words fabricated in ice placed outdoors that speak to how the viewer’s gaze frames and informs the landscape. The installations have varied from 8-foot high ice letters on the […]


Humorous Judgmental Typography To Decorate Your Walls

Etsy shop owners and makers at PainterPeeps put humor in typography that may bring out the ‘judgmental’ side of your house guests. Decorate your walls with these PainterPeeps typography prints available on Etsy.


Inspiring Hopeful Words Illustrated by Zachary Smith

Californina-based artist Zachary Smith makes lovely hand painted illustrations of inspirational words. Find out more of Zachary’s work at his website and portfolio on behance.


Colorful Flowers + Fruits Typography Frozen in Ice

UK-based graphic designer Petra Blahova believes that you can create typography from anything. Inspired by seeing flowers everywhere in one of her morning walks, Blahova created the alphabet by freezing colorful flowers and fruits in ice trays for her beautiful series called My Garden. [via gooddesignmakesmehappy]


Interesting Gooyesh Language Institute in Iran by Ali Karbaschi

Iranian architect Ali Karbaschi has designed this interesting Gooyesh Language Institute in Isfahan, Iran with different letters carved out all over the structure. The school is a non-profit, non-governmental educational system that was established in 1994 in response to an increasing demand for language learning. It currently holds a reputation for excellence in language education that boasts for being a “must visit” learning center for any educator, the public or […]


Interesting Typographical Art by Aaron Kuehn

American graphic artist Aaron Kuehn, who also works as a printmaker and design/fabricator, has created a very clever series of typographical art. Kuehn has depicted the complexity of a suspension bridge, ukulele, skeletal system and a bicycle typographically using only the names of their parts. [via aaronkuehn]


Interesting Moss Graffiti by Anna Garforth

London-based artist Anna Garforth creates unique moss graffiti that grows on brick walls and appears as layers of green grass. According to Garforth, the idea was born during a trip to a cemetery where she was fascinated by the script and the moss that covers the grave stones. She then collected moss from the surrounding gravestones and started to experiment, thus leading to her own concept of moss typography. The […]


Inspiring Supersized 'Belief + Doubt' Typography Exhibit by Barbara Kruger

Influential and renowned artist  Barbara Kruger has created this transformative installation called “Belief + Doubt” and is currently being featured in an exhibit around Hirshhorn Museum in Washington D.C. until December 2014. The supersized words that speak about consumerism and power are printed on vinyl that cover the walls, floors and escalators of the lower-level lobby entry to the museum bookstore that is about 6.700 square feet of surface. [via juxtapoz]


Interestingly Delectable ‘Taste the Food’ Installation by Primprim

Lithunian-based creative communication studio Primprim has created an interesting installation called “Taste the Food”. Each part of the series represents a popular dish made from paper and associated to different font styles. [via strictlypaper]


Superb Typography Inspired by Britpop Lyrics

If you happen to be a lover of Britpop music, then you probably sang along these lines from the song “Wonderwall” by Oasis. London-based artist Tobias Hall has created a typography-based mural as his tribute to the birthplace of Britpop music – Camden. In this place, you would find Holiday Inn where Hall painted the lyrics from three well-known Britpop songs as the words on his murals. [via]