Modern Orange House in Turkey by Yazgan Design Architecture

Yazgan Design Architecture designed the Orange House, a 1050 m² three-storey and colorful residence in Ankara, Turkey. Description by Yazgan Design Architecture: Orange House is a 1050 m² residence of three storeys, located in a very steep site. The site has a nice combination of urban view with Middle East Technical University forest. The building has a steel structure. The main principle that shaped the design process is the program […]


Lovely and Rustic Gumus Su Villas in Turkey by Cirakoglu Architects

Cirakoglu Architects designed this lovely and rustic Gumus Su Villas in Gümüşlük, Turkey with stunning stone walls and the wide glass surfaces. Description by Gumus Su Villas by Cirakoglu Architects: “Gumus Su Villas are located over the hills of Gümüslük Village, Bodrum, a tranquil harbour with over the 4000 years of historical and cultural heritage. The urge to create a tranquil unity with the impressive nature formed the basis of our […]


Exceptional Cave Hotel in Turkey

Yunak Evleri is an exceptional group of cave houses in Turkey dating back to the 5th and 6thcenturies. The name of the neighborhood Yunak comes from the old days when women used to do all their washing and socializing by the fountain located at the village square. This became the center of daily life. Carrying on the tradition, Yunak Evleri was renovated and decorated adhering to the local character. Inside is a […]


Two Terraces in Two Different Worlds

When I saw this picture (Pamukkale in Turkey) , only one place immediately entered my mind – the Banaue Rice Terraces of the Philippines, pictured below. I wanted to compare these two landmarks and categorize both of them as “terrace” so I searched for its meaning and soon learned that “terrace” has various meanings, two of which are as follows: 1.  Used in farming to cultivate sloped land. Graduated terrace steps are commonly used to farm […]