Sleigh-Inspired Suspended Treehouse Promises Minimal Impact in Nature

Farrow Partnership Architects have designed a tree house that is nature-friendly with unique form that is reminiscent of a sleigh. This ‘Sky Villa’ prototype is said to have minimal impact on the tree as its central support relies only on the trunk – like a clip-on somehow. Residents of Canada could expect some of this tree villas in a national park near Toronto soon. [via weburbanist]


Cozy Treehouse in Colorado with a Beautiful Rooftop

Architect Missy Brown have designed this cozy treehouse with a beautiful roofstop located in Vail, Colorado. The place is equipped with everything you need for a quick get-away or solitary space for creative writing. Photos courtesy David Patterson via adventure  


Artist Builds Treehouse Inside Loft Home to Fulfill Childhood Dream

Since childhood, artist Terry Chiao always wanted to build a treehouse. The opportunity came when Chio moved in a spacious lofthome in Brooklyn. Instead of choosing to stay in a downsized house, Chio decided to fulfill a dream while making space for a room mate – by building a tree house inside her home. The space is now a guest cabin listed on AirBnB. [via fastcoexist]


Extraordinary View with a Room Lets You Sleep Under the Stars

Inspired by Henry David Thoreau’s Walden, the Bangkok Treehouse by the river in Thailand grants guests with an extraordinary experience of immersing with nature. This green hotel and organic restaurant with cozy nests using bamboo as a building material. Beautiful outdoor bedrooms that lets guests sleep under the stars surrounded by natural pond. You will love the Bangkok Tree House if you love trees, plants, exotic lizards, birds, fireflies, cicadas, butterflies […]


Incredible Treehouse Retreat by Baumraum

Baumraum designed this incredibly cozy and modern tree house located in the Belgian Hechtel-Eksel. There are two cabins in this project connected by a terrace, staircase and roof. Photos by Markus Bollen