Dainty Pink Home

Having a pink moment today! Look around this home covered with dainty pinks all over. Girly yet mature. Starting to love the tones of gray flower prints in this bedroom and the snowy white paints in it too. Green leaf in black background looks surprisingly good inside that closed. Dining area’s wooden bench and the see through chair combination is just adorable. As well as the clean and simple design […]


Robin's Way Home

Bates Masi Architects designed this beautiful Robins Way Residence. The owners wanted a weekend retreat from the city and ‘a treat’ they did have. It helps that this getaway who has area of about 2,000 square ft., is inside a 1.5 acre property in Amagasett, New York, USA. The huge trees in the lot that surrounds the home evokes serenity and calmness. Photos by Bates Masi Architects


Christmas + Feel at Home in Norway

Wonder how they deck their homes in Norway? Well this is not to say, everyone decorates this way but one thing I’ve noticed is that although they are very simple in putting up Christmas displays in their homes yet the holiday spirit is truly felt. It looks so inviting that if I were a Christmas caroler I’d come and readily sing for the family! Even more homey inside.. [via miss-design and nicety]


A Traditional Peninsula Home

Traditional homes that never go out of style. Uncomplicated interior decorations that will make the family and visitors feel comfortable. This is what makes this home. The subtle hues found in the common areas are beautifully bound together creating a classic look. This is one of Jeffers Design Group‘s projects, and like everything else, they did a great job. Visit the Jeffers Design Group website.


Warm and Cozy + Wilton Residence

Photos from Behance


Chelsea Townhouse + Modern Barn

Plenty of things to love in this home. Floor. Exposed truss. High ceilings. Fireplace. You’ll love where the wood for the fireplace is stored. It’s under the wide sofa which such a space saver. Good ventilation coupled with natural lighting. The way sunlight peeks inside the house thru the windows in the middle of different levels of the roof is a nice touch. And don’t you just love the swing seat in […]


Jolly Haven in Spain

‘Tis the season to be jolly! ~ That’s how I describe this beautiful home in Spain. I would want to spendChristmas here. It’s very simple and decked with gorgeous Christmas ornaments. And oh! What aChristmas morning it would be just to be able to look out the door at the vast greenery around you! [via nicety]


The Boudica: Almost Forgotten Seventeenth Century Mill

Dating way back from the seventeenth century, The Boudica has been vacant for several years and was in a very sorry state before it was discovered by Christmas and Rozenn. Four years was how long it took for the couple to renovate the mill. A little backstory, the couple was previously living in Paris when they wished for a change in living environment and settle somewhere in the South. As luck would have it, they found this […]


Rural Haven in Idaho

Those books! You can never go wrong with a wall lined neatly with books, mix it up with some of your personal decor and you’re good to go.. But that’s only one of the gorgeous features of this fantastic country home in Idaho. It was featured in Elle Decor sometime back, this home of mom and daughter design team Marie Turner is based in New York, working with sister Emily Turner, and mom Mary Lynn […]


Old Spanish Home + Modern Elements

Gotta love designs that mixes something and something old. The challenge is to blend them in, without making the other out of place. And once that’s achieved, everything will into place, and sense harmonyin design. Which is, btw, a home essential. Architect Ana Girod was the magic hands behind this beautiful renovation in Spain. As if the magic of finding this old home and getting the chance to be transformed to something […]