Trendy K5 Hotel in Tokyo was once a Familiar Bank in the City

We have seen various versions of renovations but have you ever heard of a previous bank transformed into a trendy hotel? According to Design Milk, the K5 hotel which is situated in Tokyo, Japan operates as “a micro-complex” of guest rooms, restaurants, bars and social spaces. The concept of the hotel was based on the goal of offering guests an experience “existing with nature in the city” that is personified […]


Enchanting Rain Installation in Tokyo Composed of 65,000 Watch Base-Plates

The “Light is Time” magical installation in Tokyo was created by DGT Architects firm in collaboration with Japanese watchmaker CITIZEN. The artwork is composed of 65,000 watch base-plates hung on black thread inside a black room that make them look like shimmering golden raindrops. [via boredpanda]


Impressive Cartoon Sketches of Everyday Scenes in Tokyo by Hama House

Tokyo-based illustrator Hama House has playfully came up with an impressive series of cartoon sketches of everyday scenes of people in Tokyo.


Exquisite Shun*Shoku Lounge in Tokyo by Kengo Kuma and Associates

Kengo Kuma and Associates designed the Shun*Shoku Lounge in Tokyo, Japan. The 1000 square foot multipurpose creative space was created for Gurunavi, a Japanese restaurant guide that links top-class (gourmet) restaurants and people passionate about exclusive and sophisticated food. Description by Kengo Kuma and Associates: We piled up pieces of wooden panels to build the interior like topography. Various kinds of food-related items are laid out on this wooden ground. […]


Attractively Eye Catching Rainbow Bank in Tokyo

Emmanuelle Moureaux Architecture + Design playfully thought of something unique when they conceptualized the design for the Sugamo Shinkin Bank in Shimura, Tokyo. The structure was named the Rainbow Bank noticeably because of its rainbow-like stack of 12 coloured layers that any possible client would see from across the street. It gets away from the usual stiff look of banks and instead tries to make you feel at home and relaxed as you […]


Awe-inspiring Glowing Lights Installation in Tokyo's Sumida River

As a way to create awareness for the on-going river abuse, 100,000 pieces of ‘wishing star’ solar-powered LED lights were released on to Sumida River in Tokyo. The lights were particularly designed by Panasonic so that it glows when touched by water. After the beautiful river display, the tiny lights were gathered to be used again in the future. The symbolic installation is part of the Tokyo Hotaru Festival which reminds locals of the […]


Compact + Quaint Home in Tokyo by On Design

Japan based studio On Design have recently completed the FIKA project. FIKA is a housing for owners to sell their wares thats stands on a site of 10 square meters, with the look and feel of Scandinavia. This 58.58 square meter home is located in Nagasaki, Toshima-ku, Tokyo. Photos by On Design


Dreamy Kobayashi Residence of Tokyo

Outdoor clothing and gear designers Setsumasa and Mami Kobayashi test camping equipment for a living. A dream job that takes place in an equally dreamy mountain retreat that is the Kobayasahi Residence. Shin Ohori of General Design Co designed this get-away home which is located in the remote areas of Chichibu mountains. Photos by General Design Co   [via the form over, dwell]


Unique Home Composed of Six Trapezoids

Somewhere in Tokyo you will find this residence uniquely called as House M designed by Hiroyuki Shinozaki. The house consists of six trapezoid-like structures wherein the windows were created utilizing the spaces between these trapezoids. For its exterior, you will be amused by its deck and parking space as well as the large roof made from wooden joists. [via]


Captivating Penguins Fly in Tokyo

Penguins and sea lions alike ‘fly through the skies’ in Sunshine City Tokyo’s Sunshine Aquarium. On top of this building is a modest-sized aquarium, in it is a raised ‘Aqua Ring’. This transparent feature is elevated 7.5 feet from the ground giving enough space for visitors to view the swimming penguins and sea lions from below. You can see them in action here. If you happen to be somewhere in Tokyo right now, […]