Awesome Installation Made of 8,000 Sheets of Rice Paper + 800 Bamboo Shafts by Zhu Jinshi

 Chinese abstract artist Zhu Jinshi has created this amazing installation called ‘Boat’ using 8,000 sheets of rice paper and 800 bamboo shafts suspended with different lengths of thread. The artwork symbolizes two things: Zhu Jinshi’s journey from the east to the west and the dead’s passage from living into the afterlife. [via strictlypaper]


Fascinating Embroidered Series by Stephanie K Clark

Artist Stephanie K Clark considers herself as a painter who paints with thread. You may have seen hyperrealistic paintings that look like photographs, or photos that resemble paintings, now Clark offers something different. She has an exceptional talent of creating embroidered art pieces of houses, log cabins and cars that look a lot like paintings. The details she puts into each work are really fascinating. [via honestlywtf]