Camping in Style with Glamping Tents

Traditional camping is not for everyone but this might just change your mind. Archiworkshop introduces Glamping Tents, short for glamourous camping tents. As the name suggests, the tents are modern, complete with fixtures to suit your basic needs. These group of tents is now parked at a campsite in Yang-Pyeong, South Korea. [via hiconsumption]


Enchanting Suspended Spherical Tent

Would you like to try spending a night in this enchanting spherical tent by the Cocoon Tree? This suspended deluxe pod is formed by 24 aluminum rods with polyester ropes attached to trunks and branches. If you’re worried about safety, it comes with a net underneath it. Another cool thing about the Cocoon Tree system is that you can go camping on the ground, afloat or just about anywhere you can fasten it […]


Suspended Tent for the Adventurous

Portaledges is a hanging tent system originally designed for rock climbers spending several days of wall climb. More adventurous campers was taken by this idea and has become more popular in camping communities. Even using it to camp up trees, attaching it to strong tree branches and only accessible with the aid of a rope. Definitely not for the faint-hearted but for the adventurous, game on. Sketch from wikipedia.   [via fluxmag]


Prefabricated Wooden Tent in Switzerland

Shaped like a dome tent, the PODHouse is a prefabricated wood house made by Swiss designer ROB Gmbh. Developed in 2011, 3 types are available for sale or rent for tourists who wish to camp out even in the winter. It’s complete with heating, LED lighting, electricity and solar ventilation. The rugged, durable construction (only FSC certified timber) is delivered fully assembled and can be used immediately. Thanks to the good insulation […]