Calming Glass Tea House Mondrian Pavilion in Venice by Hiroshi Sugimoto

Japanese artist Hiroshi Sugimoto designed this calming ‘Glass Tea House Mondrian’ located in the island of San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice using wood, glass and water as a pavilion. The structure consists of an open-air landscape courtyard and an enclosed glass cube. [via designboom]


Contemplative Tea House in the Garden by A1 Architects

A1 Architects builds more than just a Tea House in the Garden, they build a contemplative space for the soul. A house raised from the ground where the host and guest can drink a cup of tea together in quiet contemplation and in spiritual harmony. Description by A1 Architects: The Garden At the foot of the hill dividing Hloubetin and Aloisov you’ll find a small garden. The garden is unostentatious, […]


Hidden Tea Shop

Whenever I pass by sidewalk vendors or kiosks in a mall at closing time, it still fascinates me how the vendors patiently fold up their wares for the night and how they put them out again in the morning.Every single day. And then I imagine them having a stall that could have transformer-like stashing power. Something close to this project that I came across recently. Brazilian architect Alan Chu created pleasant surprise design for The Gourmet Tea shop […]


Tea House Designed Around a Tree

Archi-Union Architects, an architectural firm based in Shanghai welcomed a design challenge in this tea house project just behind their J-office. This is a tea house complete with a library, shelves and living area. It is a fascinating example of designing with nature where they integrated a mature tree around this structure.   [via beautifullife]